Alison Richards, aka Noni Alison, has worked and traveled around the world. Her experiences prompted friends and associates to encourage her to share her story. With over 35 years in film, television and live events, Alison has collected knowledge of an eclectic variety of topics. Travels to South America led to an investigation that dovetailed with the US 2016 Presidential Election. After returning from Peru and continuing her research with other journalists focused on Washington DC Alison made some startling discoveries.

She fled back to the deep Amazon, to a remote lodge 2 hours up the Madre De Dios river not far from the Brazilian border. After laying low for 6 months she decided to continue with the investigations despite countless personal threats and the highly suspicious death of a fellow researcher.

Besides being a filmmaker Alison is a mother, grandmother, writer and teacher who cares deeply about government transparency, privacy, security and freedom of speech. All are being challenged by our current state of control by corporate powerhouses commonly referred to as the Cabal or Corporate Elite.

Just before the 10 year anniversary of an event that nearly took her life, Alison landed in India to begin recording her story. This channel will feature the 30 Chapter story she filmed while touring India from May to July in 2019 plus supporting videos and documentaries which will educate, entertain and empower the viewers.

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Production Notes:

All the Episodes were recorded live in a stationary pose, locked shot in unique locations. The unscripted, off the cuff stories are drawn directly from my life experiences.

Location became an influencer as to which story would unfold, such as memories of water related stories near bodys of water or educational expressoin from a University’s estate gardens.

Ally’s Thali is an entirely new method of storytelling which encourages interaction and continuation of the discussion.
There are a total of 30 chapters in this video book, they range in length up to 39 minutes.

I don’t expect you to agree with all my ideas or think my choices are brilliant. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along my path. I don’t profess to have all the answers or be the final word on any topic. My main intention is to get you thinking. Question me. Debate me. Please, if I am wrong, prove me wrong (with clear evidence please) because I am always seeking the truth, no matter how painful or ugly it may be.

I look forward to your feedback as well as posting of support documentation for theories or statements relating to each topic matter. Please be respectful and follow our rules of conduct.

Welcome and Enjoy!

Alison aka Noni

NOTE: Originally the story collection was called Ali’s (short for Alison) Thali, but we changed the spelling so I would not be misidentified as a Muslim male. Ally is the more typical North American spelling while I usually use Ali. Also important to note, it was a Muslim male that brought the idea to my attention.