The content on this site has been generated to share the personal life experiences of Alison Richards (aka Noni) and as a portal for discussion, collaboration, information sharing, networking and continued learning.  The 30 video book chapters of memoirs and reflections are meant to promote dialogue and share ideologies on past and current affairs.
A few of the chapters deal specifically with a 2009 whirlwind romance gone horribly wrong. Ally follows Atif into 4 countries and ends up in a world of international espionage. Her tale is of an independent western woman meeting a highly educated eastern man who convinces her to marry him against all her better judgement and instincts. Writers are in process of converting transcripts of the events into a screenplay for production in India. The story is timely, dramatic and depicts the true life events on a journey from Dubai through Asia to hell and back. 

We are currently seeking co-production partners in India, Canada, US and the UK for this explosive opportunity. No one can deny the huge market potential of such a drama and the interest received has been incredibly inspiring.

The website and video book project have been funded solely by Alison in order to maintain 100% control on presentation of the truth and for security purposes.   There is no need to sensationalize or fictionalize the tale since it is remarkable on its own.
If you are interested in Sponsoring the Community Discussion Boards or investing in either Earth One Media or the upcoming feature film about Alison’s experiences please contact us directly.
We look forward to your proposals.